About Me

I am a 10 year old Boxer named Angus. I was named after Angus Scrimm, you know, that creepy guy from the horror movie Phantasm - not the cool Angus Young from AC/DC - go figure!

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About My Family

I live with a human girl and a NEW human boy and THREE little bigger little humans. Yes, THREE! I love them - they are lots of fun.

I also live with a hamster the hamster's dead now!, some fish, whoops - all fish died! and now FOUR stupid cats...nope, none of them kicked it yet!

Sharing Pasta

Here I am sharing some noodle thingy with my NEW Human Boy <3

National Dog Day August 26th

Established in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige– the creator behind the dog-themed date on the calendar that shines a spotlight on our youngest canine fur kids, National Puppy Day.  

National Dog Day (August 26th) is a time not only to give your own pal with paws extra praise, but also to thank the Fidos in the work force who strive to enrich people’s lives as service dogs, KP cops and working military dogs.

Give your puppers an extra special hug today! 

Waiting For A New Little

Human Girl watches someone else's Little in the mornings and after school. I like this new Little, I wait for him very morning.

Winter WTF-ness

The Humans are grumpy because of the weather. It hasn't been just snow, it's been snow and ice. I can barely walk on the stuff, so Human Girl shoveled an 'area' for me...Yea, THIS is it..

Harley Dog

I'm in a Harley lovin' family...don't I look thrilled?

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